Affordable Wedding Photography

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Toronto Wedding Photography.

Affordable Wedding Photography

At first look, a Persian wedding might look similar to other weddings that you have  to.

long white wedding dresses, a cake-cutting spectacle and of course, the first dance.

it can be  but What sets Persian weddings apart is their tradition ceremony.

The ceremony is rich with old culture and stunning details.

Thank you so much Shadi and Keyone for choosing us to capture your Dream Day.

and special thanks to Shirin from Masterpiece Wedding planning for outstanding job.

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and the much-covet time spend with each other on the dance floor at the wedding reception and continuous dance-a-thon.

The floor was packed solid for hours, thanks to the best Persian band Medly and DJ ARDI .

We love capturing every aspect of weddings.

from the details of the event being captured to the lively dancing at the wedding receptions.
Every one at Studio Arash wish them best in their new life together.

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