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Tahmina’s Wedding:Reminiscing the Moment

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A true love is one of the most basic building blocks for this to happen.

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Although some people develop attraction later, after they have been friends for some time.

the majority of romantic relationships begin with attraction. It is what draws you to get to know someone new.

what fuels the passionate early days of a relationship.

You feel like you are falling in love because you are influenc by something about the person.

such as his appearance or her perfume.

Location for photo shoot.

By 2:00 pm on Sunday, Arash and three of his team member walk.

to the Hotel where the bride, Tahmina was getting ready which we call it happiest day of her life.

Few minutes later, the groom open the door as he could not wait to see his beautiful.

According to the best wedding photographer,

That was the first time I was meeting bride and groom since they book me on line and I never had a chance to meet them face to face.

Bride leav in Germany and she knew there is a very good wedding photographer in Toronto.

She found Studio Arash on Instagram and couldn’t wait till one day her pictures would be there too.”

I have to admit that Tahmina’s dress was the topic of her wedding day.

It was superb and creatively crafted Handwork. In the word of Arash, he stated.

most of the ladies complemented and appreciated her wedding gown.

her dress was disgned by one of best designers in Germany Saran Janks.

This dress was one of the most amazing dresses Arash saw this year as the back of dress .

was long and he could become more creative in the long shots on the other hand groom admited that.

”I never met Arash prior to this day but I heard a lot about him.However.

I knew he was the right man for the job and I was impressed by Arash’s ability to control the sean

and come up with different composition time to time and despite the weather…Thanks Arash and his lovely

teams for the nice photographs of our wedding,”he affirmed.

Frоm all of us at Studio Arаѕh

we are wishing both bride and groom rаin оf lоvе in their mаrriаgе-while bеаring.

in mind thаt mаrriаgе iѕ nоt in wоrdings but by соmmitmеnt, tolerance and асtiоn. HAPPY,HAPPY MARRIED LIFE!