Microsoft Win10 Has Changed The Activation Rule: Reload Activation Does not Require a Key

Microsoft has changed the rules of activation of the Win10 system, after re activation can not use the key. Compared to the previous Win7/Win8.1 and other operating systems, the new rules to make it easier to reload the activation.

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The reason is that you do not need to reinstall the key to be able to activate, because Microsoft has activated information stored in the cloud, when you reinstall the system, the network will automatically be verified in the cloud. Operating system before, every time when you reinstall the system, you will be asked to enter the key (except the pre Windows8/Windows 8.1 computer because the activation key has been embedded into the computer hardware), otherwise unable to activate.


And when you reinstall Windows10, although the installation program will also require the input key, but you can choose to skip. After the completion of the reload, Win10 system will automatically activate, because in the cloud authentication will automatically determine whether this computer has been installed and activated Win10.


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For a long time, Microsoft’s product activation is dependent on computer hardware hash, hardware hash has uniqueness, and the algorithm is not reversible, nor bound to any of Microsoft’s services, it is only related to the computer hardware itself. In the old version of the operating system, such as Windows7/Windows 8.1, when the first time the system is activated, it will be recorded in the active database with the hardware hash (ID) and the key used. When the user re install the system in the same computer, after the input of the same key will be automatically activated.


When you upgrade to Win10, the Win10 installer checks the system activation status and reports it to the active server. Windows activates the server to generate a license to activate the system based on the hardware hash and the Win10 version that is activated (home edition, professional version, or other version). Re activation is also required to verify the hardware hash as well as the system version, which does not require the user to enter the activation key

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