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User has been tired of Windows 8, and began to try to use  windows 10 preview edition  that Microsoft company has released before. The Published Windows 8 have not  won the support of the masses of users as expected  like Windows 7 and Windows XP . When they download windows 10 preview edition,  they want to know what news design has been created on the windows 1o version.

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What’s new in Windows 10?

First,  With the purchase of equipment, Windows 10 equals to an application platform, you can run all of your equipment. Buy a device and run it.  It will run on all platforms, from embedded systems to desktop, portably and efficiently.

Next, Start Menu is back –  makes a comeback which was replaced by Charmbar  which appeared on screen when you hovered over right bottom corner of the desktop in Windows 8. However, if you liked the START SCREEN more, then you can change back it from task bar settings for one button access.

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On the function of the start menu, and Windows 7 versions are the same as the windows 10.

Improves search experience

To improve search experience and universal search, user can search anything from the start menu, different from traditional Windows search experience.
Virtual desktop

 multiple desktop help users work in different working space at the same time.It’s called TaskView, located on the start menu.
You can also access the application from a desktop, known as “temporary assistance”
Improved Command Prompt

To improve the command prompt, old command prompt is very rigid.Can be used directly, copy and paste options prompt throughb Ctrl + V. What a relief!

Computer friendly UI is back 

After failure with Touch friendly UI in Windows 8, Microsoft is bringing back the comfort to Computer users with Windows 10

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