Windows 10: New system requirements as risk for cheap tablets

The “anniversary update” for Windows 10 increase the system requirements for the 32-bit version. For narrow gauge equipment that could be a security threat.

Windows 10 New system requirements as risk for cheap tablets

Microsoft has 10 on the occasion of the end of July 2016 “anniversary update” for Windows (version 1607, formerly “Redstone”) revised the system requirements. In addition to a relaxation of the permitted display sizes and the TPM duty known since summer 2015 for devices with preinstalled Windows, windows 10 key generator, the associated document also describes that increases the minimum required for the 32-bit Edition with the anniversary update from 1 to 2 GB RAM.

With this change, especially cheap tablets, which are equipped with only 1 GB RAM manufacturers, are likely to disappear from the market in the medium term.

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Possible consequences for cheap tablets
Is so far not clear what the consequences for existing Windows-10 devices with just 1 gigabyte of RAM. Such devices are still as new goods in the trade; normally it is simple tablets or 2-in-1 devices. Similarly equipped devices with Windows 8.1 got a free upgrade offer on Windows 10 in summer 2015.

The concept of advertised by Microsoft “Windows as a service” stipulates that Windows-10 devices regularly to get the latest version of the operating system via feature upgrade. It gets stuck so far,Windows 10 Pro Key, however, if the PC does not meet the minimum requirement. About the 32-bit version can be quite a hardware only 768 MB RAM install the first Windows 10 edition of summer 2015 (build 10240). The feature upgrade to the current version of 1511 (build 10586) fails but then stating that the minimum requirements are not met – and via Windows Update, as well as when using the media creation tools.

Windows 10 New system requirements as risk for cheap tablets.

Should Microsoft not change this approach – and there is currently no evidence – owned Windows-10 tablets, windows 10¬†anniversary update, as well as updated on Windows 10 devices with only 1 GB RAM would can’t play a currently in the trade the anniversary update.

Hardly bought, already unusable?
That Microsoft adheres to its own servicing policies for Windows 10, the failure would have consequences serious of anniversary update for such devices. Because the directives provide for mandatory installation of feature upgrades for devices in the “current branch”, to which Windows 10 belongs home, to continue to get security updates (referred to as servicing updates or maintenance updates in the document).

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Who has updated its 1 GB tablet on Windows 10, would thus shortens its useful life – would you stayed with Windows 8.1 security updates would be guaranteed up to the year 2023. Also if you buy now a tablet with Windows 10 home and only 1 GB of RAM, gets the worst just three months later no security updates more.

It is open how long a device is supplied with Windows 10 home with security updates, when a new feature upgrade was released, but the device does not qualify for the installation. On a request of heise online out, Microsoft has taken so far do not position. Who has a tablet with only 1 GB of main memory and it operates with Windows 8.1, should not accept the free upgrade to Windows 10, until Microsoft guarantees a longer safety support.

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