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Windows 10 home edition users will be available in the Windows update content automatically updated. Windows 10 professional edition and Windows 10 enterprise edition users can postpone the update. Windows 10 professional edition users to postpone the amount of time to update the amount of time.

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Less storage space equipment, such as with 32 GB hard disk device or the hard disk has been full of older equipment, may require additional storage space to complete the upgrade. During the upgrade, you will see instructions on how to operate. You may need to delete files that are not required in the device, or insert the USB flash drive to complete the upgrade.

Some of the available space is smaller or smaller devices such as disk space, storage space of 32 GB computer, has been in the space available after the upgrade may There is not much left. You can easily delete temporary files and other files, or the previous Windows version, in the “storage” system settings to free disk space. Windows previous version of the file allows you to choose to delete the Windows 10, and to restore the previous version of Windows. These files will be automatically deleted after you upgrade for a month. In order to release the space, you can also delete these files immediately.

Need to connect to the Internet to perform the upgrade. Windows 10 is a large file (size of about 3 GB), may generate Internet access (ISP) costs

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