Afarin and Nima wedding in Toronto GTA

Toronto and GTA Wedding Photographer

“One day, in your search for happiness, you discover a partner by your side. And you realize that your happiness has come to help you search.” Robert Brault

This is one of the weddings Arash Toronto  GTA wedding photographer. has been anticipating for the whole year. because Yet Afarin and Nima’s wedding. He knew the bride’s family for few years now since he was the Toronto and GTA Wedding Photographer to the bride’s brother few years ago.

The most famous hair designer and makeup artist in the city, Toronto wedding photographer in GTA with Sahar Haji was one of the bride’s cousin. Either yes it Sahar Haji, the International award winning hair. Toronto  GTA wedding photographer  designer and makeup artist was part of this amazing wedding. Ladies do make a visit to Sahar’s Hair salon. It’s looks like a more art gallery and it has fantastic atmosphere, so artistic and beautiful.

Toronto wedding Photographer In action,

Big topic of day was bride’s dress made from few different layers.Toronto GTA wedding photographer  and every one at because  distillery with Toronto wedding photographer where they took the pictures to guests at the ceremony were astonished at the amazing wedding attire.

One and Only  Toronto best  photographer and his team were just extraordinary superb at the colorful wedding using their artistic skills to capture. Fascinating and remarkable picture starting from bride’s Sahars Haji Salon to Distillery to take bridal party pictures. And bride for the first time see the groom in mind blowing wedding suit and lovely hair too. Both bride and groom share their emotional because expression with Toronto wedding photographer in GTA exclamations and charming smile!

At ceremony one of the Toronto best Officiant Ms. Similar was very emotional and  lovely because . She made the atmosphere so emotional and romantic.and Toronto  GTA Wedding Photographer took so many images,

Success of this wedding,

Lots of credit to Toronto  GTA Wedding Photographer  2nd photographer Mr. Hovig Sarkissian, to Be4 wedding Mr. Hafez Safavi and Dario. To Ms. Shirin for her coordination , to DJ bliss Aras Dariush and Pouia for amazing job and the rest of people because . Who have contributed immensely to the success of this wedding.

Especially relevant Studio Arash congratulate Afarin and Nima on this happy occasion and wish because them lot of happy years together!

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