Maryam & Thomas

 Kevin and Samantha’s Wedding

They first meet in high school and 10 years and 7 months and 77 hours later.

Kevin and Samantha celebrating their best day of their life together and According to Kevin, “We were high school sweetheart and now. we are couple sharing our entire life together,” he state.

Barely a year ago, Kevin has been planning on how. to express his love to proposed to his dream girl Samantha .

finally he decide to do that  in the Lovely Casa Loma.

“I want to express my true and undilut love to her in a unique and historical place.

So, I chose Casa Loma. I don’t really know how she found out that.

They were going to propose to her whether she knew or not.  I did propose to her and we had a very romantic evening,” he affirmed.

At the wedding furthermore
Be a photogenic girl and she has been aiming. that her wedding video coverage and photography and would be handle by best hands in the country. Hence, she didn’t find it.

tedious to reach out to the Toronto Best Wedding Photographer and videographer.

Studio Arash. She knew that the top

Indian wedding photography and videography.would grace her wedding and alongside his distinctive crew.

It would be recalled, it was nearly 8 years ago when Studio Arash start.

photographed her and cousins and her sister’s wedding respectively Therefore.

Especially relevant Studio Arash has been a brand in her family as a result of quality and dynamic services.

often rendered by the Indian wedding photography and videography and Since she always wanted Studio Arash to be her wedding photographer.

the Toronto best wedding photographer was there with his best team on early hours of September 2nd to document the historical wedding of Samantha and Kevin.

Finally at Studio Arash was there over 28 hours in two days to cover every single moment of this Indian wedding.

Toronto Best wedding Photogapher in the best way possible.

we all know that Indian wedding is like festival of color and love and needs close attentions.

Prior to the wedding, Samantha only had one simple request from Arash for her wedding Photos and video, “Arash.

I want you to give me the best of you and make it the most romantic photo and video you have ever produce.

and give us something special,” She stated.

Most romantic and friendly wedding

According to Arash,” This wedding was the most romantic and friendly wedding in 2017.

It was an experience of Colour. love, culture and after two days of work with my best team of experts.

we produced the most beautiful wedding photo gallery in the history of Toronto wedding.

Special thanks to all of our staff that worked tirelessly 28 hours in two days to achieve what we call Amazing.

breathtaking and unbelievable images, also special thanks.

to Nadya for an amazing Make up, Maryam for outstanding coordination.

and all other people who help to make this beautiful event possible ” Arash explained.

The real act of marriage takes place in the heart not in the ballroom or church or synagogue.

It’s a choice you make-not just on your wedding day, but over and over again-and that choice is reflect.

In the way you treat your hubby or wife. From Studio Arash, Happy Marriage life and a productive family we wish you now and always!