Sadaf and Mehrdad

Affordable wedding photographer in Toronto:

I was lucky to be a part of the union between Sadaf and Mehrdad.

Either this couple hails originally from Shriaz which is a city. So central a ran which is known for its gardens as well as its extensive literary history.

The city is once home to some of the most renown poets of the 15th century in Persia. Hence One of the most famous surrounding love is the Hafez poem call “It Felt Love”. This is a perfectly appropriate piece for this incredible day.

Furthermore Shiraz as a city is know for its inspiration in poetry and the city itself is a fountain of love.

The love from this city can be seen in these two and their incredible bond with one another. Mehrdad realize just a few months after the two of them met that they were meant to be together.

Proposal vividly:

When he see Sadaf for the first time he got completely lost in his kind, beautiful green eyes. He couldn’t seem to spend enough time with her and early on he proposed knowing that he had found his wife.

Seems like, Sadaf remembers the proposal vividly and suggests that she know. It is only a matter of time as they have been in love since the very first date.

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They compliment us:

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They compliment us on our professionalism, our energy and our attitude throughout the day. We all feel extremely privilege for being a part of this very special day.

Please join all of us at Studio Arash to congratulate. This happy couple and wish them many amazing years of marriage!