One quote that perfectly captures my motivation behind capturing a wedding in Toronto. This ‘depth of feeling’ being working in two profound directions.

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Firstly, I have been taking wedding pictures and video since 1989 in Toronto area and GTA and some international and within ourselves participle and connecting with people, anticipating & capturing moments at wedding spontaneity & fun way.

Secondly, most people call me as a people person who loves to react with the couples getting marry.

Studio Arash In Action

Being completely at ease, connect and charged, confident that their relationship will be captur and portray in its best way possible without the distraction of photographers.

Toronto Wedding Photographer

I believe natural moments win over a directed portrait!

I’ve always believed that photography is a way to shape human perception

Toronto Wedding Photography is more than just a job.

It is sharing in one of the most intimate and touching moments in people's lives.

Therefore Our photographers carry the responsibility of portraying intense emotion through pictures.

At the same time telling a story about the day of the wedding.

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Studio Arash has a unique and artistic approach to wedding photography.

Our talented staff of photographers use their background in photojournalism to create a distinctive approach to capturing your day unobtrusively so therefore the end result will be perfect.

Studio Arash uses a combination of traditional.

Non-traditional approaches and focuses on shooting your wedding in an editorial story telling fashion to preserve the memorable moments in a truly artistic mannerso.

Studio Arash's Toronto Wedding photographer are respectful of you and the once in a lifetime beauty of your day.

Maybe Our images reflect your wedding in a way that does not look as if it was followed from a checklist and still we capture all the key moments on your wedding day.

Best Team of Photographers.

Studio Arash shoots your event in an elegant and artistic way therefore Toronto Wedding Photographer seamlessly covering the quiet tender moments as well as the showstoppers in the park or church.

"I had always heard great things about Studio Arash and his team from family and friends, especially about their professionalism and amazing work...and they absolutely did not disappoint! Arash and his team captured my wedding beautifully and put it the hard work and hours to make sure that every aspect of my pictures and videos was superb! I am extremely grateful to Arash and his team because the memories and special moments captured through their lens is what matters most. I cannot thank them enough and appreciate all their time and dedication!"

Ava F

"Arash is an incredible photographer. From day one of planning our Wedding, he was engaged with our plans and we had a great meeting telling him all of our ideas right at the very beginning. On the Wedding Day, Arash was calm, professional and a great presence to have around. Our wedding photos are absolutely beautiful and we could not ask for them to be any more perfect. I and my Husband are not the best in front of the camera, but Arash didn't make us stand and pose all day, he really captured the natural emotion of the day. Just like it says 'Subtle, Emotive and Perfect '. We can't thank you enough.
مرسي براي تمام زحمات كه براي ما كشيدي متشكريم "

Azadeh Parsmanesh

"Arash was an absolute joy to work with from start to finish. An exemplary professional and very talented photographer. Our biggest request was to have real, natural photos of our day and we wanted to feel as if the photographer was hardly visible. Arash managed this wonderfully and the result is that we have the most stunning photos ever!! Thank you so much."

Richelle McPherson

"Studio Arash was wonderful; he is creative, passionate and full of ideas and inspirations. We were really impressed by the lengths he was prepared to go to; the engagement shoot was great and it gave us the chance to get to know each other. We were both nervous about having our photos taken, but Arash made us feel much more comfortable and at ease and offered very helpful tips to bring out our best in front of the camera!"

Majid Pourhassani