Golnaz and Faraz with Toronto Wedding Photographer

Rain of Love ,The big day finally arrived with

Toronto wedding photographer was set at the wedding. It was exactly 5 years and 5 months and 5 days ago. when Faraz saw Golnaz for the first time at university. According to Faraz every single day of that time was the most amazing time of his life and can’t wait till they start a new life together.

A year ago when Faraz proposed to his gorgeous lady, Golnaz, they both knew. That Toronto best wedding photographer, Arash, is going to be their wedding photographer for their wedding ceremony and reception. Persian wedding Photographer and Toronto Best Wedding Photographer, Toronto Wedding Photographer.

On The Wedding Day,

We had rain in forecast and bride and groom were confused. They didn’t know what to do till they call Toronto Persian wedding photographer Arash. In early in the morning and he comforted them that in the case of rain. We are going to use other options. But for now we still should stick with our  game plans despite the weather. The typical wedding day started at the bride and groom’s houses respectively. They continue with a park located in the very exclusive farm owned by one of Studio Arash’s client in the north of Toronto.

According to Golnaz, she stated, “The pictures and idea of farm blown my minds and made me cried by looking at the pictures after the wedding day. I wrote to Arash and appreciating him for the idea and good work. I gazed the pictures at every 5 minutes and can’t stop looking at them.  She also stated that  “ God really blessed me to have you for my special day. Thank you for everything you have done.” Persian wedding Photographer and Toronto Best Wedding Photographer, Toronto Wedding Photographer

At The Reception: Studio Arash Fully In Action,

The wedding ceremony was graced by a couple of well-wishers. She invited practically everyone she knew to the wedding. Friends, relatives, acquaintances. She spent a ton of money and found herself a great big puffy wedding dress. Everything was worked out down to the last detail. Of course, she had the best Toronto Best wedding photographer lined up with his team covering the whole day. Arash and his team were at Paradise Banquet hall to cover ceremony and reception. Then shortly after the lovely ceremony they participate on the dance floor till late at night. The fun and the wedding activities were just superb for that day. Lots of credit to DJ PS for grate performance. Persian wedding Photographer & Toronto Best Wedding Photographer and Toronto Wedding Photographer.

The top Toronto wedding photographer, Arash ensure that everyone was captured just to make the day historical for the couple. Most especially, the bridesmaids and guests . According to him, ‘”Whether they’re your sisters, best friends, or college roommates, your bridesmaids have your back at all times. They have been there every step of the way, both during wedding planning and your friendship. It’s only fitting to capture the moments with them by your side while you embark on the next chapter. “Studio Arash wishes the new couple, Golnaz and Faraz merry wedding life and productive marriage. Persian wedding Photographer and Toronto Best Wedding Photographer and Toronto Wedding Photographer

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