Anglina and Fardin

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It is say that love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences.

penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. If then, Angelina and Fardin’s romantic love has jump hurdles. leaps fences and until the point they finally seal the love. With fabulous wedding making City of Waterloo  shaking with lots of love!

For him being deeply love, Fardin loving Angelina gives him strength and courage. Likewise for Angelina too. They met exactly two years ago. Fardin falling in the love by first look; according to her it  took few months for Fardin to ask her out.

In terms of personalities, Fardin is very nice guy with big heart and Angelina is very sweet. nice and humble. Seems like, Fardin loves basketball and hockey while Angelina loves traveling and adventures.

Studio Arash, Toronto Top Wedding Photographer in Action,

Toronto wedding photographer Arash  along with his  team travel two hours from Toronto to Waterloo to document this wedding. since bride and groom only wanted him and no one else. Arash and his team were fabulous for the whole day especially for wedding ceremony coverage.

The Toronto best wedding photographer displays is quality and skills consequently starting at groom’s house and bride’s house respectively. Arash strategically map out those positioning for the groom and for the bride too.  Yet guests were can’t just stop talking about the skills and experiences  of Toronto best wedding photographer.

At the Park , Arash ensures that the park location was being used to capture. Especially relevant Many award Winning photographs in Toronto  of couple and bridal party  as well. And this made the groom’s family was impressed with Studio Arash’s team professionally and expertise. They were so happy to choose such an excellent team to document the day. Also, Studio Arash was helping the bride and grooms to organize the day

Go crazy with Toronto wedding photographer,

The Persian best DJ, DJ Siamak, made the reception to go crazy, as in crazy. With his selection of songs making the wedding reception goes excellent since they almost everyone know him personally.

One of guest shouted while dancing, “Therefore We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. Angelina and Fardin found love, we join them to celebrate…as the music rock on! LOL

May Happiness find you by Toronto wedding photographer in every corner of the globe as you begin your new Life together.