toronto wedding photographer prices

Toronto wedding photographer prices

Wedding photography price, wedding photography package

Wedding photography comes in different pricing models that it is not easy to know the one that is profitable for business.  Whether one should consider A la Carte or Wedding photography package.  Which will get higher scales and also book more clients?


Of course, there is a solution, but the answer will vary with each person. We, at Studio Arash, would introduce you to 3 wedding photography price details and also discuss their weakness and strengths. This will help buyers in determining the one they should make use of to maximize benefits.


Wedding photography package


This is the most common model that is popular and the strategy of pricing is to offer different packages with A la Carte list that can be used as add on to the packages.


To be honest, people offering packages featuring on the side an A la Carte list are simply making the packages appear as a better value package and not much is expected of the package.




Creating your packages such that it appeals to most people is the best. This helps people as they also need not spend time in searching for more. This is less decision fatigue. Making good decisions is best and this is rightly done by putting packages together so that most people have something in the package to benefit.




People ask to change them and whatever the price, they are often request to be discount as they are sell in a package. This does not apply if you  to give discount even from A la Carte items list.


People do not customize as the A la Carte is consider to be extra money give apart from the package and it is also seen an unnecessary extras.



  • Considering a wedding photography package model is best when buyers consider the elements that are require in the package.
  • There is reason to upgrade. If a package that buyers consider is worth $1000 more, whereas it is actually only $500 more, it seems valuable and promotes them to upgrade.

A la Carte Only


A la Carte only begins with an hourly rate and photographers are  for exactly that they need.

 wedding photography price 


As you perform everything A la Carte, your clients are happy as they believe to have a custom package and so there is a positive feel associate with the custom purchases. This is because people get that they need and so do not consider it as waste of money. It is always seen as good.

 wedding photography price 


A la Carte pricing calls for serious decisions to be make by the clients that they may experience fatigue by the time they decide, thereby result in less sales.

People find itemizing each service with a price and arriving at a value to be easier, than valuing the entire services.

 wedding photography price 


  • Ensure the list does not have too many items. Show that you wish to sell.
  • Mention your hourly rate high and walk through clients options and  .
  • wedding pictures sample of everything you wish to sell.




The Guided Choices

This model includes both, a hybrid style that includes  pricing and offering packages.

This model guides your client and allows deciding by category.  In fact, it is a  with instructions.



It allows customization and the advantage is the   into categories so.

the decision is less stressful. Of course, using psychology and deciding the pricing factor on the packages can ensure good business.



This package may sound to be unassuming by some while some may consider it conceit.

The thought of following a list may not be agreeable as they may believe their choices to be given importance.

wedding photography price  


  • The expectations are set, so you can get them into doing it automatically as per the list.
  • The outline steps must be very clear.




wedding photography price

These are the different wedding photography price packages to consider.  However.

before hiring, people can go through a blog or forum of the photographer to find if their styles are appealing. Online you can find many photographers, yet narrow.

it down to handful as favorites and try to meet each one of them.


Meeting in person is very essential. This is because he is the person who will be manipulating.

your wedding camera and he is not some sales consultant.  There is a need for you to like him, trust him and also to get along. Taking your wedding.

photos is very special to you and if you want a person to be entrust completely of this task.

it should be a person who can create an aura of magic through photos.

The photo making magic lies in the hands of photographers. They have to give life to.

each photo and should not appear as mere images. As you spend hours during the wedding day, there is a need for the moments to be very special.


In fact, if you have some ideas, you can point that and show them that you would.

love to have your few photos featuring blurry backgrounds and ask how he can get that.

The blurry backgrounds trick is do with professional lenses that hold tightly the focus on to the subject. The professionals know the trick and even if you know.

listen from him, how he is trying to convince you into getting that you want.


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