Rabia and Hassan wedding in Toronto

A Toronto wedding photographer in Rabia Weds Hassan

Do you believe in love at first sight? What could be tangible and intangible elements for love at first sight? Would the relationship really lead to marriage?

Come to think of it, when a man loves a woman. He definitely wouldn’t remain the same; his actions, reactions, attitude, mentality. A whole lot of other things could experience changes.

I guess this was the situation Hassan found himself. When he was entangled and charmed by the beauty, posture and intangible quality of his ideal woman. WOW! Are you in this situation folks?

Well, an attraction is one of the most basic building blocks for love. Although some people develop attraction later. After they have been friends for some time. The majority of romantic relationships begin with attraction. It is what draws you to get to know someone new. What fuels the passionate early days of a relationship. You feel like you are falling in love. Because you are influenced by something about the person, such as his appearance or her perfume.

As the best Toronto photographer,

Arash witnessed this wedding ceremony as it happened.

The genesis of the story suddenly began almost three years ago. When Hassan was a manager of a store. Then Rabia came and applied for work and left her application letter. Just like other 200 applicants, she left the application letter. With Hassan – from that moment Hassan fell in love with Rabia’s eyes. He couldn’t think of anybody else than her.

In the reality of his love to Rabia. He took all the applications to the owner and left Rabia’s application on top. To make sure she gets a job with them. Two weeks later, Rabia started to work with the organization. And Hassan was changing his shift to her shift to make sure. They are working at the same time. Things we do for love!  Exactly 16 months and 20 days later. They were celebrating their best day of their life together. YES, Hassan and Rabia’s love story does not end here the rest history.

Rabia Prefers Studio Arash for Her Wedding,

In search of the best wedding photographer in Toronto the bride. Rabia didn’t spend much time in locating Studio Arash.
According to Rabia,” It wasn’t too difficult to find the best wedding photographer in Toronto. Since Studio Arash is the most popular wedding photographer in Toronto. She said Arash has done many India and Pakistani wedding in Grater Toronto Area and it wasn’t hard to find him.”

The best team of Studio Arash was assigned to the ceremony. They cover both pre-wedding pictures and the wedding day itself.

In his word, Hassan stated that, “The result is outstanding and that he was just speechless by the high quality of images. He received and the master of a hair stylist, Shirley Wu. She did an amazing job with hair style and Raba’s makeup was superb”.

Studio Arash alongside his team wishes the newest couple, Rabia, and Hassan a productive marriage life!